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Enabling B2B platforms to
uplift their customers and
elevate their value proposition

Proxtera’s value proposition for B2B platforms

Single integration point to wider markets

Proxtera is a single connection to a broader network of like-minded platforms across different industries and different countries. By harmonising document and information fields, Proxtera encourages information interchange fostering collaboration possibilities. By unlocking this network to you and your customers, Proxtera allows you to capture transaction flows as the primary trading platform of your customers, improving customer retention and long-term customer stickiness.

Uplift in customer value-add

Using Proxtera, you can elevate your value proposition to your customers by providing seamless access to a trade ecosystem with complementary digital and trade related services. With Proxtera, you can enable SMEs on your platform to ‘punch above their weight’. Proxtera further enhances your network through a curated list of SME-centric digital service providers enabling you to unlock additional revenue streams through value added services.

Seamless onboarding and integration

Proxtera enables seamless onboarding and integration onto the Platform through API based integration with published standard / lightweight APIs using JSON format. Through Proxtera’s cloud-enabled platform with limited technology implementations, we are moving towards zero-touch onboarding and operationalisation. Proxtera’s data integration collects only necessary information for trade and security policy which is aligned to global standards.

One Connection. Multiple Markets

Let’s hear from some of our Platform Partners

While UB GlobalLinker has been helping Filipino SMEs digitize and grow their businesses since 2018, we are optimistic that this collaboration will help our Filipino SMEs to further grow their businesses through technology and through a business network facilitated by Proxtera. 

By integrating UB GlobalLinker with Proxtera, Filipino SMEs will have access to a larger marketplace to buy and sell goods. With the growth of SME business in the Philippines, we expect more entrepreneurial Filipinos to aim for a Global market. By integrating UB GlobalLinker with Proxtera, Filipino SMEs will have access to a larger marketplace to start selling their goods and source cheaper materials internationally.

Jaypee Soliman

Vice President - SME Platforms, UnionBank GlobalLinker

We believe the potential for Proxtera is enormous in regards to unlocking the potential for facilitating cross-border trade and e-commerce for the benefit of small businesses across emerging markets. As the cornerstone partner in East Africa, we look forward to collaborating with the platform to help supply essential goods to tens of thousands of small businesses across the region.

Daniel Yu

Founder and Group CEO, Sokowatch

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