About Us | Proxtera

Connecting beyond
borders with trust.

Our Story

Our story began at the end of 2018 when the Business Sans Border (“BSB”) initiative was conceptualised by MAS and IMDA to support the digitalisation of Small Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”).

The initiative then continued onto the proof-of-concept, which was completed in collaboration with highly-accomplished private sector partners such as GlobalLinker, MasterCard, PwC Singapore, SAP and Yellow Pages. Together, we demonstrated the business and technical feasibility of the BSB initiative. Our showcase was highlighted at Singapore Fintech Festival 2019 and we received strong support from local and foreign governments, as well as the private sector.

The time has come for us to take a step further by launching Proxtera, the commercialisation of our successful initiative. As of today, Proxtera has achieved both live cross-border and cross-platform transactions with great impact and success.

And what’s better is, we are just getting started.

Mission to our beneficiaries

Proxtera is committed to a sustainable business model. We have been uplifting small medium enterprises by raising the bottomline, so that all participants can achieve a more advantageous starting line. We also work to enhance the resiliency of supply chains, no matter what the local climate is. Lastly, we improve accessibility, availability and affordability of innovative digital services in the most enduring manner as well.


Proxtera helps SMEs find buyers and sellers from all over the world, by bringing them the most relevant digital services, at the best possible value.


Proxtera strengthen the resilience of SMEs by expanding their global network of buyers and suppliers, and providing access to financial services products, which can help SMEs withstand macro-economic shocks.

Integrated Platforms

Proxtera improves discoverability and comparison of digital services by SMEs with a simple integration to B2B platforms. Moreover, we also support SME-centric product innovation with real and reliable transaction data by the serviced providers.

Origins of Our Name & Brand

The inspiration behind our name and branding is to signify a trusted facilitator of trade.

Our branding illustrates the ambition to widen the networks of cross-border trading for buyers, suppliers, enterprises and service providers. The logo itself embodies the spirit of our mission: to create boundless connection and unconstrained growth through cross-border trading; to close the gap between different worlds.