BlogGeTS Joins Proxtera As Trade Fulfillment Partner leveraging CALISTA

GeTS Joins Proxtera As Trade Fulfillment Partner leveraging CALISTA

Earlier this month, Proxtera welcomed onboard, its first trade fulfillment partner and global trade enablement platform – Global eTrade Service (GeTS). GeTS joins Proxtera in its mission to make trade more accessible, predictable and easier to fulfil through its online platform – CALISTA. The platform offers access to reliable and competitive freight options, timely visibility of cargo movements, accurate advisory on trade formalities and adherence to regulations for over 180 countries, and availability of fuss-free working capital support.

With the addition of CALISTA’s end-to-end logistics and digital trade services, to Proxtera’s product suite, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can efficiently manage the complexities of global trade, compliance and varied regulatory requirements, for cross-border transactions while reducing paperwork and enhancing their adoption of digital trade documentation. 

SMEs across Singapore, India, rest of Southeast Asia and Africa on Proxtera’s network can access a partner network of carriers and freight forwarders and the latest on trade and regulatory compliance via the CALISTA platform. They further benefit from streamlined trade and supply chain processes, data reusability, connectivity across multiple Customs nodes, improved authenticity of data flow and visibility of accurate and up-to-date status of their trades.

Suppliers will now be able to fulfill their Proxtera trades with competitive pricing and cutting edge solutions, retaining the digital traceability of their trade from inception to fulfillment. GeTS joins Proxtera in its mission to accelerate the digital journey for SMEs engaging in cross-border trade by consistently removing the lacunae of lack of trust and inaccurate information.

By connecting to Proxtera’s network, companies, especially the SMEs, can gain seamless access to CALISTA, which will enable them to strengthen their level of control,competitiveness and connectivity for their global trade activities. This will help SMEs to overcome the digitalisation hurdle in an increasingly digital world, a trend only accelerated by the global pandemic.

said Chong Kok Keong, CEO of GeTS. 

“The world is rapidly changing in the way it does business – further accelerated by the effect the pandemic has had on global trade. To ensure that SMEs remain on the uptick and quickly adopt and scale with the new normal, we must support the digitisation of the main aspects of trade, especially logistics,”

said Shirish Jain, Program Director at Proxtera

“With the addition of trusted partners such as GeTS, with their innovative and holistic solutions, Proxtera can continue to provide its SMEs with access to efficient, reliable and end-to-end logistics services to ensure that our SMEs can thrive in this borderless, digital global economy.”

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