Integrated Financial
Ecosystems (IFEs)

Ensuring financial transformation for MSMEs requires an approach in tandem with businesses, marketplaces, financing institutions and supported by policy. Powered by financial, digital literacy and enabled by trusted credentials, IFEs are designed to provide true, digital inclusivity for businesses. Learn more here

Proxtera has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Development Bank Ghana (DBG) to deliver GIFE.

The ecosystem offers a digital journey for MSMEs, beginning with a financial literacy programme and leading to the creation of trusted credentials, better access to finance, and increased trust in cross-border trade via a Financial Trust Corridor (FTC).

The modular nature of this ecosystem allows MSMEs, financial institutions, and business service providers to tap into the various GIFE mechanisms as they expand domestically or scale their business operations internationally. Supported by a regulatory sandbox, GIFE will challenge traditional credit assessment and lending frameworks to fast-track growth and development for local businesses.