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Expanding service provider
outreach to broader
customer segments

New Channels. New Customers.

Proxtera’s value proposition for service providers

Increased product distribution channels

Proxtera unlocks an alternative distribution channel which will enable you to access new customers in underserved segments within your home country and beyond. Through enhanced discoverability on the Proxtera network, you can lower your customer acquisition cost by having the customers come to you.

Targeted customer engagement

Through Proxtera, you can actively target your SME customers and by presenting the right products and services to them during key moments of need throughout the trade lifecycle. By aligning your products and services specific to your customer’s segments, requirements and needs, you can improve product uptake and adoption of services.

Data driven innovation

Proxtera can help you proliferate your product portfolio through innovation, using our anonymised actual transaction data to drive product / service design for SME customers. With Proxtera’s sandbox / test environment, you can experiment with new business ideas, test solutions and simulate product and busines performance.

Let’s hear from our partners

Validus is always looking to collaborate on innovations that enables us to further drive financial inclusion for SMEs. As a financing partner on Proxtera, we’re able to provide ready access to working capital directly on the network itself, delivering a seamless experience for SMEs that helps them manage and boost their cash flow easily and efficiently.

Nikhilesh Goel

Co-founder and CEO, Validus

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