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Empowering Small Medium Enterprises’ growth and supporting the digitisation agenda

Proxtera’s value proposition for SMEs

Expansion of local and global reach

As an SME, Proxtera enables you to leverage your existing B2B platform to access wider markets currently beyond reach by connecting you to trading partners and service providers on other platforms in other countries. By expanding and diversifying your supplier and service provider pool, Proxtera increases supply chain resilience by reducing reliance on a single provider.

End-to-end trade digitisation

Proxtera operates as a single pane of glass enabling you to transact across borders from discovery to fulfilment without ever having to leave your current B2B platform. Proxtera encourages end-to-end digitisation of your business by streamlining transaction management through harmonised documentation and information fields simplifying each step of the trading lifecycle. By freeing up valuable time and capacity, you can focus on what really matters such as your business growth and strategy.

Access to trade ecosystem

Using Proxtera, you can access to SME-centric digital services ready to support your integration into the global value chain at key ‘moments of truth’ along the trade lifecycle. With Proxtera’s ecosystem of trade related service providers including financing, you are able to benefit from improved liquidity through affordable financing to manage working capital requirement or support your growth aspirations.

The Power of a Global Reach

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