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How does Proxtera work?

Proxtera is a facilitator between industries. Proxtera operates an open and global network facilitating information interchange for customers of B2B platforms to be connected to one another and to digital service providers. This network effect created by Proxtera generates value for all of Proxtera’s participants from SMEs, B2B platforms and digital service providers across the entire trade lifecycle. As our network continues to grow, so does the exponential value that Proxtera brings to its partners and end-users.

How we create value throughout our network

Proxtera creates value for all players within the trade ecosystem and across the entire trade lifecycle from discovery up until fulfilment. Whether you’re an SME, B2B platform, digital service provider or trade association, discover how Proxtera will benefit you

Small Medium Enterprises

Proxtera supports SME growth by exponentially expanding the reach of global buyers and suppliers. Moreover, it also improves access and availability of digital services providers, for example, financing, payments, logistics and many more.


Proxtera empowers platforms to better serve their customers by offering a single access point to global trade opportunities and curating a relevant list of digital service providers to support their customers’ growth agenda.


Proxtera lowers service providers’ costs in customers acquisition by creating an alternative channel to better originate SME customers and eventually leverages anonymise trade and transaction data to innovate new products and services.


Proxtera supports the evolution of trade associations from industry collaboration to industry enablement. By rapidly digitising itsmembers to allow trade between the members,…

Hear from some of our partners…

Proxtera employs an innovative approach in providing and managing a seamless environment in which SMEs can bridge borders and engage in buying and selling transactions with each other. The safety and security of the environment is emphasised in the transparent presentation of critical areas such as product discovery, regulation, logistics and taxes

Through the provision of real-time results in product search and discovery, Proxtera expands horizons for our SME customers by opening up new markets for them to source and sell their products. Proxtera keeps the transactions of our SME clients on-net, which essentially allows it to be a one-stop marketplace to go global. In addition, Proxtera has also enabled our marketplace to seamlessly scale across borders, eliminating any worries about trade barriers

Jian Min SIm

CEO, SourceSage

Proxtera has helped SMEs who are either aspiring to be exporters enabling them to start exporting their products or exporters looking to expand their reach to new markets. In a very short period of time, we are able to match demand and supply for many commodities such as Rice, Edible Oil, Safety Products, and the list will only continue to grow to many more Industries and Products. 


The seamless two way integration with all the other participating platforms on Proxtera has allowed us to show products and services from multiple platforms across the world without compromising on buyer or seller experience. This is given Proxtera allows all its participating platforms to access the demand and supply across multiple platforms and geographies, without having the SME onboarded on each platform individually.  

Satyam Agrawal

President – ASEAN & Global Head, Financial Services, GlobalLinker