Supercharged Enterprise Procurement


What is Proxtera Plus?

Here at Proxtera, we understand that every enterprise has their own procurement process that works for them. But they all stand to benefit from the global reach of our Proxtera Connect. That's why we have designed Proxtera Plus with simplicity and flexibility in mind - ready to integrate into your existing procurement solution.

How it works

Using an existing procurement solution? Great!

We have partnered with industry-leading Procure-to-Pay platforms to make our Proxtera Connect available to their Enterprise users. If you are an existing user of one of these platforms, Proxtera can be integrated straight into the interface that you're already familiar with. Just reach out to us and we'll make it happen.

Your existing Procure-to-Pay solution....

... with Proxtera's global network seamlessly integrated in

Not using a Procure-to-Pay solution? No problem!

Enjoy the convenience of our stand-alone Proxtera Plus web platform, customised to your procurement needs and ready for onboarding within a week. Discover suppliers and listings from around the world, place orders and make secured payment - all within a single pane of glass.

Supplier Network

Access to over 350,000 SME suppliers


Automated Purchase Order / Invoice documentation

Secure Payment

Secure payments with Proxtera Protect included