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Who we are

Proxtera is the commercialisation of Business Sans Borders (BSB), an initiative supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

We empower B2B eCommerce platforms with broader access to global trade and innovative digital solutions, leveraging novel technologies and solutions to simplify cross-platform and cross-border trade around the world.

What makes us special

Proxtera’s core design principles are to create an open, global market infrastructure that creates value across the entire trade lifecycle which benefits all its customers and users such as SMEs, B2B platforms, digital service providers and trade associations – powering cross-border trading, one platform at a time.

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Open & Inclusive

Proxtera is open (non-exclusive) to all B2B platforms and digital solution providers looking to expand their reach.


Rather than competing with other B2B platforms, Proxtera empowers these platforms to reach greater heights.

Network Effect

Proxtera accelerates value creation by tapping into existing trade flows and related services – creating a virtuous cycle of value-add.

Small Medium Enterprises

Proxtera supports SME growth by exponentially expanding the reach of global buyers and suppliers. Moreover, it also improves access and availability of digital services providers (eg. financing, payments, logistics and many more).


Proxtera empowers platforms to better serve their customers by offering a single access point to global trade opportunities and curating a relevant list of digital service providers to support their customers’ growth agenda.


Proxtera lowers service providers’ costs in customers acquisition by creating an alternative channel to better originate SME customers and eventually leverages anonymise trade and transaction data to innovate new products and services.


Proxtera supports the evolution of trade associations from industry collaboration to industry enablement. By rapidly digitising itsmembers to allow trade between the members, as well as the global markets, Proxtera presents trade association  members with a digital channel to trade beyond their traditional means. 

“Proxtera employs an innovative approach in providing and managing a seamless environment in which SMEs can bridge borders and engage in buying and selling transactions with each other. The safety and security of the environment is emphasised in the transparent presentation of critical areas such as product discovery, regulation, logistics and taxes”

Sim Jian Min

CEO , SourceSage

“While UBGL has been helping Filipino SMEs digitize and grow their businesses since 2018, we are optimistic that this collaboration will help our Filipino SMEs to further grow their businesses through technology and through a business network facilitated by Proxtera”

Jaypee Soliman

Vice President, SME Platforms Head, UnionBank GlobalLinker

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Whether you’re an SME, a B2B platform, a digital services provider, or a trade association – leave your contacts and we will reach out to discuss how we can collaborate!